How To Increase Hard Drive Speed

How To Increase Hard Drive Speed
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Some times our pc slow down due to hard disk. This happens due to the poor performance or slow speed of hard disk. In other words slow speed means the read and write speed of hard disk. There are different methods to increase hard drive speed. Two of them are defined in this post…


Method 1

This method is easy to use and can be done in seconds

  • Goto start menu and select run
  • Type  “SYSEDIT.EXE” in run and press enter
  • A window of “system configuration editor” will open
  • In this window you will see multiple windows
  • Here select “system.ini” and extend it
  • In this window search this line [386enh]
  • After this line type this “Irq14=4096”
  • Now save this file and close this window
  • Reboot pc to make changes

Method 2

This method is little bit longer than first one

  • Goto “MyComputer” and right click on it to select properties
  • Then select “Device Manager” under Hardware tab
  • A window will open in this window goto “Disk Drives” and extend it
  • Now right click on hard disk and select properties then select “Policies” tab

Windows tweak to speed up your hard disk speed

  • There you will some options like “Enable write caching on the disk” and “Enable Advance performance”
  • Here select “Enable Advance performance” and enable it
  • Press ok ant close disk manager window
  • After this goto start menuand type “regedit” in Run
  • A window will open here search following location


  • In right side of window search “NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation” and reight rlick on it
  • Select modify and change the value to 1
  • Then close this window
  • This process will increase hars disk speed
  • Reboot pc if necessary

Note: For better performane run defrigment test. This will also increase hard disk speed.

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